Rain – the sky – hill-top!

Me and my husband were on our first trip after our wedding. It was a group tour and we decided to make the best out of it. It was a Photography tour to one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited before. The rain had started even before we reached our destination. The bus got stranded in traffic due to water logging and small landslides.


IMG_0019_1rWe somehow made it to our lodging but couldn’t really shoot as we had reached fairly late. We were all set to start early next day. It was nice chilly day. We set out on the bus to a dam site. Vehicles were not allowed beyond the entry point and we had to walk a long way to the Banasura dam .


It was long walk by the hill-side. There were not many trees along the path. As we were walking and clicking pictures along the way the wind started picking up. We had walked very close to the reservoir and  were on the walkway. The paved walkway was beautiful but there was not a tree in sight. A we were enjoying the view the rain clouds started looming in and soon there was a heavy down pour. There was nowhere to run for shelter. Umbrellas were of no use as holding onto the umbrella was even a tough job and it provided little protection from the lashing rain. All we could do was to protect our expensive cameras. We had also walked away from each other and were split into small groups of three or four. The mobile phones were not working too.

We stood there stooping over the camera bags protecting it from the heavy rain. The rain lashed on couple with freezing winds. We felt so little in the middle of nature’s play. I wouldn’t call it fury as it was nature at its usual splendid display. We could only awe at this unexpected experience. However as soon as the rain slowed down to a gentle drizzle we hurried off it search of some kind of shelter. Dodging the slippery slopes with the run-off water , drenched and shivering in the cold we ran as fast as we could to a somewhat room like brick structure we spotted a quite a distance. Right there midway to the shelter the rain caught up on us and started pouring in an enchanted frenzy.


I have never ever experienced rain like this before. If not for the cameras I would have stood there and enjoyed nature in its yet another splendid display. We finally reached the shelter and it was a motor room and hardly had any space for anyone inside. There was a person already taking shade besides the room. We snuggled in and made sure that the cameras were safe. The rain was pouring and the wind kept changing its direction and we continued to get wet occasionally. It was then I observed how tiny we were even in the face of a gentle rain. I lost myself to the imposing power and resplendent beauty of nature. It was such a calming and  beautiful sight. It was as if the earth was receiving a cleansing with chilled pure drops of heaven. With every drop displacing particles of soil. The run off water flowing steadily in a clear stream washing away all the debris. The grass and weed bowing gently welcoming the refreshing shower. The leaves of the few trees in sight gleaming like new. The sound of the rain was a symphony with the wind tuning it up and down occasionally. If only the rains could wash away all the sadness from the face of earth and make every living being happy and alive again!


The rain finally subsided and all of us rushed to our vehicles parked outside the gates. The vehicles were sparkling clean after the shower akin to my spirit. I was shivering in the cold as the wind blew over my wet clothes. Never before in my life was I drenched in rain. Never before had I actually enjoyed getting soaked in ice-cold water. Never before I felt so happy, peaceful and scared at the same time. Never before I experienced rain in its complete natural beauty!

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